Our Volunteers

We simply couldn't function without our enthusiastic and tireless volunteers. 

They're our...

  • cooks
  • ticket sellers
  • ushers
  • uniform co-ordinators
  • stage designers
  • photographers 
  • conductors
  • music library support team
  • admin support team

...whew....and if that's not enough, let's not forget  "the mums and dads" ... at camp, on tour, on the committee, driving the "taxis".... tirelessly getting our girls to rehearsals and events....and more.


We thought you might like to see a 'snapshot' of life for a Tour Mum:

"It's a challenge and a privilege being a tour mum. You are in fact a mum to all with no favourites - not even your own child in the tour. It means being a shoulder to cry on, a shopping guide for gifts to take home, nursing the sick and the homesick, and being the overnight laundress. The ever-ready supplier of hugs - and sometimes mini lectures! The performance motivator and the cheer squad. Not for the faint-hearted - waking sleeping teenage girls, moving them to be dressed, breakfasted, and on the bus by 8am!

You get close to the girls, close to the other mums - forming lovely bonds of friendship - and close to God as we pray constantly for patience, health, transport, and enrichment of the girls - and our - spiritual experience.  On the extra-plus side, we get to enjoy the sightseeing, the shopping, the cultural adventure and the scenery, not to mention the lasting friendships. And then there's the overwhelming hospitality in the countries we visit where often the red carpet is rolled out for us - literally!" 


So from the bottom of our hearts, to all our volunteers,

we say a HUGE

Thank You!