Achieving excellence

In order to maintain a high choral standard, it is essential to have a high attendance record at all rehearsals, camps and performances. Please contact your choir conductor or section leader as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a scheduled rehearsal or event.

A minimum rehearsal attendance of 75% is required in order to be eligible to perform.


Performances provide an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our music and bring joy to our audiences. Performance dates are distributed as early as possible in the year, and are to be prioritised. Please note that some performances are in the school holiday period. Notification of calendar amendments are communicated at rehearsals, via email and on the WGC Families Facebook Group.

Choir Camps

Choir camps are SO much fun, and are an essential part of choir life!

Held annually for Juniors and twice a year for Seniors, they are compulsory for all choristers. They are vital for consolidation of friendships, as well as being an incredibly valuable time of learning. Stage presentation, performing techniques, concert ethics, polishing of songs, blending of voices, choreography and increased opportunities for musical knowledge are all incorporated. Camp fees (subsidised by the choir) are included in the annual fees.