Choir expenses include uniforms, camp costs, purchase of sheet music, basic staffing expenses, private tuition scholarships, hall hire, storage rental, coach travel, stationery, maintenance of equipment and various insurances.

While we have been able to gain occasional finance through corporate sponsorship and government grants, our income is primarily generated through membership fees, performances, and through fundraising.

We have a fundraising coordinator who, with a team of enthusiastic choristers and parents, have organised a variety of fundraising events. For these to be successful, we encourage our whole choir community to get behind these events by promoting, assisting in implementation, inviting friends, family and workmates to come along and of course, by personally attending fundraising activities.

The choir leadership team also organises special fundraising nights throughout the year to show generosity and compassion towards others. These are held during rehearsal where the girls donate a gold coin and come dressed in a particular theme. This money is then donated to a local charity. They are usually held once a term.